The Dooly County Sheriff's Office has several divisions to accommodate the many needs of an ever growing law enforcement need within the county. These divisions specialize in the various areas necessary to run a robust and capable Law Enforcement Department. Our divisions work hand-in-hand with each other and other state, local, and federal agencies to accomplish the mission entrusted to us by the citizen's of Dooly County to Protect & Serve.


Oversees the Office of the Sheriff and the general public, accounting, compliance, and records management.


The deputies assigned to the Patrol Division serve as the first responders to calls for service throughout Dooly County.


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The Dooly County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for all detailed and technical criminal investigations not assigned to the uniform patrol division.

Detention Center

The detention officers assigned to the Detention Center Jail Division are responsible for the daily activities and security of inmates of the Dooly County jail.

Warrant & Civil

The deputies and staff assigned to the Warrant and Civil Division are responsible for the service of court papers and warrants, and for the safety and security of the Dooly County Courthouse.